Build The Living Theatre

Dear Friends,

Judith Malina and her ensemble have opened a new facility in lower Manhattan, USA. This is a beautiful, ideal performance space – and expensive to maintain.

In May of 2008 the company was struck by the untimely death of its co–director and Judith’s husband, Hanon Reznikov. Judith has courageously chosen to move earth and heaven to keep our Living Theatre alive.

Please, for the love of theater, The Living Theatre especially, join us now in building an ongoing process that can keep Judith’s living dream thriving. Be a part of this new work. Join us in pledging a small or large monthly contribution. In doing this, you will become a Builder, one of those special people keeping the Living alive. And that's a very good thing to do.


Richard Schechner
Martin Sheen
Olympia Dukakis
A letter to you from
Richard Schechner
Martin Sheen and
Olympia Dukakis

View our Past

Under the direction of its founders Julian Beck and Judith Malina, the company performed on four continents in 44 countries and two dozen languages.

Continuing this tradition Judith and her co-director Hanon Reznikov led the company for the past two and a half decades since Julian’s death.

View our Present

First by opening a tiny storefront theater on East Third Street. Then by continuing to tour the world giving experimental theatre a voice and a stage in such places as Western Europe and Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Brazil, and Lebanon.

From a temporary base in the mountains of Northern Italy they meandered their way back to New York, opening a beautiful new space on Clinton Street.

View our Future

This facility – Judith and Hanon designed the space! – is expensive to maintain along with staff and production budgets and all the fees and costs to run a theater in New York.

Judith and The Living Theatre company need your help – just a little help – right now to begin a Builder’s Fund to run this theater into the future, to bring change to another decade.

You can make this happen - just click yes!

Over six decades The Living Theatre has changed the course of world theater.